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Haha, all right you guys. I know I owe you all a real life update but I am way too tired to talk about everything so I'm going to do the easy thing and post a meme instead.

Peggy (blueyed_belle) picked these icons for me to talk about. 

LOL. Okay I haven't used this icon in FOREVER, which is a shame because I do this pretty regularly nowadays. (Nick Jonas causes a lot of feelings, okay?) I try to have a squee/gleeful icon for appropriate times and when I found this one I knew I had found the perfect one. Chris' expression is just so great and lol I just love it a lot.

HAHA, I love the pic in this icon so much. So many appropriate captions for it and so many priceless icons made, but I chose this one because it reminds me of Tay and I so much. Technically she is ZQ, but most of the time, I am the one demanding her attention. I'm a jealous and greedy bitch. Sue me. (Please don't though. I am but a poor Nick J-obsessed nursing student.) 

(LOL Kevin's face) Anyways, in my head Kevin and Nick have a special bond of guitars and the ability to play one. Blahblah Joe can play the guitar too but not like his brothers obviously.  I like to think that sometimes they gang up on Joe for not being just as good. In a good we-love-you-anyway way. I love the boys rocking out together so I have combinations of the boys rocking out. This is one of them, so there you go. 

Kevin and Danielle are precious and adorable.  I love them together and entirely too happy that they are married. Kevin/Danielle ftw!

Demi is my number one Disney girl. I love her so much and think she is mucho talented.  Her voice amazes me like no other. In my head I sound just like her when I sing along. (LOLOLOL)  I can't wait for her to move past Disney because she has such potential to be even more successful than she already is. I liked this icon because she looks all poignant and beautiful. She is so serious about her craft and I think this icon portrays that.

Okay this icon actually gets a lot of explanation. It's from the Send It On video which I love so so much and is actually the reason I started getting into Demi and JB. (Basically it went like this, "Hey Nick Jonas is kind of a hotass" and then I gave into the block in my head that said I couldn't listen to their music and now I'm crazy about Nick Jonas.)  Now, I am not a hardcore Niley shipper. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by Niley feelings because there is so much history between the two of those kids and I am such a sucker for history in a relationship. Basically my feelings on Niley can be summed up like this: they were each others first love and they're will always be a little spark between them.  You never forget your first love. Warning: I do NOT like Miley. Also, Nick's playing the guitar. I have a weakness for Nick playing...well just about anything.

I'd love to pick icons for everybody but if you want to pick more icons for me to discuss I'm cool with that too. I will like talking about them, okay? 

Love you all and I promise I'll find time to write a proper update soon.


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